Unifabs Automate Welding And Fabrication With Robotic Welder

Dec 19 2019

unifabs twin cell robotic welder improves throughput and efficiency in welding and fabrication

Unifabs is pleased to announce another significant investment, this time in welding and fabrication. Working with Cyber-Weld Ltd to deliver the project, a state of the art Fanuc Robotic welding system has been added to the facility to improve our capacity and capability in the welding and fabrication centre.

The Unifabs facility houses industry leading machinery for punching, laser cutting, forming, fabricating, assembling and powder coating. The addition of a robotic welding cell will not only increase our capacity in welding, it improves the quality and repeatability of the products we manufacture in the welding and fabrication centre, as well as the reliability of our service overall.

The system installed is a six-axis Fanuc ARC Mate 110iC, mounted on a 9m track to service two 3m long single axis manipulator stations. The advantage of this cell layout is that the robot can serve either one or both stations, enabling the tooling to be changed, or the next job to be set up whilst the robot is still welding in the other. Maximising throughput and efficiency.

Unifabs robotic welder improves quality and repeatability of welded products

Jason Austin, Managing Director said of the investment, “Automation is manufacturing’s major opportunity and we’re excited to be able to offer robotic welding to our customers that require welded assemblies. We’re finding more and more customers are asking us to manage the whole manufacturing process for them, including welding, assembly and powder coating. To have the capability to produce more consistent, repeatable welds on the products we manufacture gives us the platform to offer an even better and more reliable service to our customers.”

Thanks to Cyber-Weld (www.cyberweld.co.uk) for their support throughout. Their team consulted with us expertly and came up with the best design and solution to meet our needs. The attention to detail and response throughout, from automation concept to install and commissioning, was excellent.

Unifabs offer an end to end metalwork solution. With an in-house design team and a sheet metal and fabrication facility fully equipped to manufacture finished goods, Unifabs is now perfectly positioned to be your manufacturing partner, ready to help at every stage of the manufacturing process.

For more information or to discuss your requirements, please contact us on 02476 393889 or sales@unifabs.eu.

You can read more about our manufacturing services here, and click here to learn more about our design capability.

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