Car panel storage stillages KUKA Systems and JLR


  • To design and manufacture a storage stillage to work in body and white and transport parts between various manufacturing cells
  • Ergonomic to use and quick to load/unload
  • Robust and to last the life cycle of car


What we did

  • Collated all the client’s 3D CAD data of panels so we could work around them
  • Used our knowledge of panel holding to design suitable nylon and polyurethane dunnage to support the panels.
  • Developed concepts for the stillage’s required
  • Produced prototypes for each stillage’s and presented to client for buy off



  • Manufactured 200 stillage’s in total
  • Currently designing new stillages for a new model
Unifabs car panel Unifabs car panel Unifabs car panel Unifabs car panel

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