Rear casing for agricultural machinery manufacturer, McConnel Ltd


  • Design for manufacture project on a rear casing for a remote controlled mower product.
  • To replicate a product made from a composite material
  • To ensure cost effective manufacture comparable to composite product

What we did

  • Met with the customer to understand the requirements and review the design
  • Reduced folding requirements from two operators to one
  • Introduced break-off tabs to aid operator and speed-up complex folding operations
  • Designed two jigs for integration with robot welder; one to hold the part in place and one for checking fixture for tolerance,
  • Jigs allowed for part to be fully welded on the robot welder.
  • Casing linished to create smooth continuous finish
  • Prototype produced for review and customer approval


  • Successful replication of composite product
  • Opportunity identified by design team to reduce the number of welds by further changing the folding. Second sample produced.
  • Several units manufactured with view to regular repeats in the future.
Rear Casing Welding Jig 2 design for manufacture of robot welder jig Design for manufacture service for rear casing Rear Casing produced through design for manufacture service

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