Laser Cutting Operator Waldek Celebrates 10 Years of Service

Jan 19 2022

Laser cutting operator Waldek Recieves 10 Year Service Award

Here at Unifabs, we love to recognise our employees’ loyalty and hard work. Without their dedication Unifabs wouldn’t have grown into the successful sheet metal fabrication company it is today.  16th January 2022 marked a special day for a laser cutting operator at Unifabs, Waldek Luczak, as we celebrate his 10 years of service to the business. Tom James, Managing Director and Jarek Gasiorek, Production Manager thanked Waldek and recognised his loyalty and service to the business over the years.

Waldeks career in sheet metal manufacturing started in 2012

Waldek joined Unifabs with no experience in sheet metal or fabrication processes. He had previously been working in the Recycling industry. Waldek has grown from strength-to-strength over the years, to be incredibly knowledgeable about the processes and equipment used at Unifabs. 

His professional development and skills have been advanced through internal training over the course of his career. He started at the company on the day shift in the break-out department. Break-out is the process of removing the parts from a sheet of metal following CNC punching. The tagged parts are removed from the sheet, sharp edges are removed and the parts are deburred prior to moving on to the next manufacturing operation. 

In 2015, Unifabs purchased its first fibre laser cutting machine, the Amada FOL-AJ. At this point Waldek was given the opportunity to progress his career to become a laser cutting operator, an opportunity which Waldek fully embraced.  Today, Waldek continues to run the fibre laser cutting machines here at Unifabs. He has grown to be a highly skilled and knowledgeable asset to the business.

Jarek Gasiorek personally thanked Waldek on his service to the business:

“Thank you for the past 10 years of service. We really appreciate the commitment and pride in your work that you have delivered over this time. It is a pleasure to work with you, and I hope that your career here at Unifabs continues to develop and spans further service milestones in the future”.  

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