Robotic Welding

Robotic welding

Unifabs offer Robotic Welding to support our scheduled, ongoing, subcontract manufacturing work. By using the very latest in Robotic Welding technology, we are able to improve the quality, repeatability and speed of the welded products we produce for our OEM customers, and keep costs down.

Our chosen system is a six-axis Fanuc ARC Mate 110iC. It is mounted on a 9m track servicing two 3m single axis manipulator stations. The advantage of this twin cell layout is that the robot can serve either one or both stations, enabling jigs or the next job to be set up in one cell, whilst the robot is busy welding in the other. Maximising throughput and efficiency.


Robotic Welders have the unique capability of being able to produce high volume, constant and repetitive welds of exceptional and consistent quality.

The highest quality welds

Greater throughput and productivity

Highly repeatable and consistent welds

Greater efficiency all round creates opportunity for costs down

We provide a complete service from design to delivery

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