Fastener Insertion Systems: Boosting Efficiency in Manufacturing

Oct 10 2023

Operator working on Haeger WindowTouch Fastener Insertion Machine

Unifabs Limited, a leading sheet metal manufacturer and product assembly provider, recently made an exciting investment in fastener insertion systems. This advanced technology by Haeger enables Unifabs to meet customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. With two new systems replacing one legacy machine, Unifabs is well-positioned to remain at the forefront of sheet metal product manufacturing.

The features and benefits of the Haeger 824 WindowTouch 5e fastener insertion system

Haeger has pioneered and manufactured machines and tooling systems for inserting for nearly 40 years. The new WindowTouch promises to optimise labour, improve quality, and increase productivity.

The Haeger 824 WindowTouch 5e fastener insertion system is a great tool for Unifabs and comes packed with features. Offering easier and faster tooling setup, faster programming, and better operator ergonomics, it solves multiple potential problems raised by manual and other automatic systems. Problems such as the need to handle parts multiple times, having to feed parts manually, and substantial setup times.

The WindowTouch features a new modular auto feed system which incorporates the latest bowl feeding technologies. It offers a tool change reduced from 3 minutes to 3 seconds. It also eliminates the need for manual bowl settings; the software automatically sets the proper vibration rate, air eject time, and air pressure. The larger bowl design allows for a wide range of fastener sizes and lengths (M1.5 – 10, and up to 30mm).

The system also has a new T-Bracket and Shuttle with integrated connectors. This feature eliminates alignment challenges and reduces the amount of training required for operators. Its I-Logic software guides operators through the insertion process with intuitive graphics, and coloured bins.   

The benefits of investing in a fastener insertion system

Investing in an automatic fastener insertion system offers several benefits over manual fastener insertion, such as using a rivet gun. Haeger insertion presses are reported to offer 30% lower energy consumption compared to manual insertion processes. Automated fastener insertion systems can also enhance product quality, increase production and assembly line efficiencies, help reduce material handling and create less scrap. They can also reduce issues caused by human error. Haeger’s patented technology allows you to insert fasteners at a much higher rate than traditional methods, while maintaining accuracy and consistency. This means you can increase output without sacrificing quality or safety.

Sheet metal manufacturing services

High quality, professional sheet metal manufacturing services play a vital role in the success of many products. From household appliances, automotive parts, lockers and furniture, to cabinets, retail displays and much more. Unifabs supports customers with the full range of sheet metal manufacturing processes. 

The process of incorporating fasteners and inserts into a metal workpiece can be complex and time-consuming. The service offered by Unifabs benefits from automated solutions. And with two new Haeger WindowTouch machines replacing one legacy Haeger press, they are able to speed up the production cycle while maintaining accuracy and quality. Through its integrated features that ensure process control, and eliminate the requirement for additional quality checks, they can ensure right first time fastener insertion producing quality manufactured parts that aid downstream assembly processes.

The investment in two new fastener insertion systems is just one example of Unifabs’ commitment to providing the highest quality sheet metal manufacturing services to clients. With automated solutions and state-of-the-art technology, they help deliver high-quality sheet metal manufactured products to market. Contact Unifabs now to learn more.

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